About Your Designer


I founded Think Good for couples who wanted something a bit...special. Twirly frills and sparkly thrills aren't for everyone. My couples are looking for something unique; unforgettable wedding stationery that matches their identity, their oddities and quirks that make them so perfect for each other.


My Inspirations? Colour. I like colour. My background in sciences forms an unlikely backdrop to many of my designs; Mother Nature's patterns are something to behold. Also greatly inspired by the artist Piet Mondrian, amongst others, I love to create pieces using geometrically arranged collections of lines and shapes.

After moving around a fair bit I've settled in Manchester. I love cities: the architecture, the grittiness, the industrial edge. The people, always moving, always changing, and with them changing expectations and norms. Nothing is static and there is always the potential for change. I love that.


I use Adobe Illustrator (mostly) and vast quantities of tea to design. Generally speaking this takes place with the aid of a constant stream of music and my cat Poppy sitting resolutely on my lap. 

My tattoos are my own designs.

A little help from my friends

Big thanks to Rachel Joyce Photography, my buddy for some 20 years, for the photos of my designs. You can find her website at